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We are a global leader in meat and vegetables processing solutions Shijiazhuang Efu Machinery is committed to providing Vegetable Processing Equipment, customized Auxiliary Equipment and tools for food factories. We have advanced processing equipment such as laser cutting, CNC machine tools, and professional design and R&D personnel. Years of accumulated experience and good cost control advantages enable us to provide customers with cost-effective products and solutions. The products and services we provide include vegetable cleaning and processing equipment, various conveyor belts, screw conveyors, material elevators, washing machines, mixers, material turnover vehicles, various non-standard transportation solutions, factory auxiliary peripheral equipment, etc. Meat Processing Vegetable processing Customized conveyor Whether you`re looking for a professional service and equipment on meat preparation, meat portioning, or cold cuts, EFU can provide the solution accordingly EFU not only provides processing and cleaning solutions for large vegetable factories, but also provides small vegetable equipment for restaurants and catering centers. We provide conveyor systems suitable for different occasions and customize products according to different customer needs. The conveyor is well-made and has a high cost performance to increase the production efficiency.
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    High and low swirling combined vegetable washing line

    Performance Introduction of Swirling Vegetable Washing Line The tumbling spiral water flow can wash the food materials in all directions, and the gentle water flow will not damage the washed vegeta
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  • Small Multi-role Vegetable Cutter

    Small Multi-role Vegetable Cutter

    characteristic of Vegetable Cutter ◆The machine frame is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is durable ◆There is a micro switch at the discharge port for safe operation ◆Ordinary
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  • Stainless Steel  Vacuum Tank Mixer

    Stainless Steel Vacuum Tank Mixer

    Introduction of Vacuum Tank Mixer The stainless steel vacuum mixing tank is composed of a tank body, a tank cover, a jacket, agitator, a transmission device, a shaft sealing device, and a suppo
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  • PVC Inclinded Belt Lifter

    PVC Inclinded Belt Lifter

    Introduction of Inclinded Belt Lifter The belt elevator is made of food-grade PVC or PU material, which is suitable for the lifting and conveying of food materials and lifting the materials to the
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  • The vegetable washing line is the production equipment that must be used for the deep processing of vegetables. The sale of vegetables through deep processing of vegetables is also called clean-egetables. This kind of clean vegetables sales is widely used in supermarkets, schools, large enterprises and institutions, etc., which are major customers with clean vegetables demand. From the point of view of food, the chemical has the characteristics of convenience and safety. From the environmental point of view, the clean vegetable greatly reduces the generation of domestic waste. The production and cleaning line has the characteristics of high automation, flexibility and convenience. How to set up a vegetable washing line? The vegetable washing line is a non-standard customized equipment. The production line is a combination of multiple single-machine equipment. We can customize the size according to the type of vegetables processed by the customer and the daily processing output. The processing of clean vegetables can be divided into leaf vegetable processing and Root vegetables are processed in two parts. Because these two types of vegetables are different in nature, when the vegetable cleaning equipment is combined, there are both the same and different. The difference is that the roots and stems need to be peeled in the early stage and soaked in the later stage, because the root vegetables contain more starch (such as bean shreds). ), so it is necessary to soak and clean to prevent oxidation of vegetables. Cleaning process of vegetable washing line: Leafy vegetables: upgrade-select-coarse wash-cut-fine-dehydrated-packaging Roots and stems: lifting-peeling-selecting-cutting-soaking (fine washing)-dehydration-packaging Introduction of vegetable washing line equipment combination: ①Hoist: The hoist is a connecting device. The main body of the machine is made of sus304 food-grade stainless steel, and the belt is made of food-grade pu for conveying. The conveying material through the hoist is highly efficient, evenly conveyed, and has no damage to the equipment. Equipment specifications are designed according to needs. ②Vegetable cleaning machine: The bubble cleaning machine adopts mesh belt for transmission. The gas produced by the high-pressure air pump causes the vegetables to turn strongly in the cleaning machine, which effectively separates the attachments and impurities on the surface of the vegetables. At the same time, the material is tossed in the soda and water mixture. , It effectively avoids damage to materials such as bumps, scratches, etc. during the cleaning process. In the process of material transportation, the spray cleaning function is added, so that after the material is cleaned in the steam bath, it is sprayed and cleaned. The function of this process is to replace and remove the dirty water on the surface of the material to improve the cleaning effect of the material. After cleaning the materials for the second time, the external cleaning spray water automatically flows into the water bath to replace the cleaning water in the supplementary water bath, maintain the cleanliness of the water quality in the water bath, and improve the use of cleaning water. Rate, and increase the cleaning effect. ③Selection table: material picking, dividing and conveying, equipped with continuously variable speed drive, detachable side board and waste collection tank, maintenance and cleaning Convenient, the materials are put into the conveyor belt and transported to the next process after the processing of the workbench is completed, the waste is discharged through the waste collection tank, and the number of stations is customized according to customer needs ④Vegetable washing machine: This washing is the second washing of vegetables. The equipment adopts a plate chain conveyor belt for conveying. This machine not only has the function of a coarse vegetable washing and washing machine, but also has an ozone disinfection function according to customer requirements. During the cleaning process Eliminates pesticide residues in vegetables. At the same time, the machine is equipped with a multi-channel strong magnetic function to prevent vegetables from remaining in the vegetables after the blade is broken during the cutting process, causing hidden food safety hazards. The device is equipped with a brush to remove impurities. The brush can effectively remove the hair, weaving and other foreign objects in the vegetables, and the final quality of good vegetable cleaning can be checked. ⑤Peeling machine: It is a device mainly for cleaning and peeling root vegetables. The brush is made of imported nylon material, which does not shed hair, has good toughness, adjustable peeling speed, high peeling efficiency, and good effect. It is connected with other equipment to form an assembly line for use, which greatly improves production efficiency. ⑥Air-drying dehydrator: After cleaning, the surface of vegetables will have a lot of water. Therefore, it is necessary to remove water from the washed vegetables as a whole. Using a vibrating air-drier can effectively remove most of the water droplets on the surface. The equipment has the dual effect of vibration and air drying to realize that the fan adopts up-blowing and down-blowing multi-faceted wind and wind-dried. The surface moisture of the material is blown dry by the high-pressure wind of multiple rows of fans, and the nozzle is made into a wind knife shape, which effectively improves The air volume pressure generated by the fan can better realize the pressure effect of the material by the wind. ⑦Vegetable cutting machine, cutting machine, cutting machine, cutting machine, the machine is imported from the whole machine, performance is stable, cutting to specifications can be customized according to requirements, and a multi-functional vegetable cutting machine can also be used, and different shapes can be realized by changing the knives Of slitting. This equipment is the supporting equipment of the clean vegetable washing machine,
  • At present, the mechanical equipment used for vegetable cleaning mainly adopts methods such as high-pressure spray cleaning, bubble cleaning, drum friction cleaning, brush cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning method is to generate millions of tiny vacuum bubbles in the liquid. These bubbles are rapidly produced in large quantities under the action of sound pressure, and they are continuously blasted to produce strong pressure and negative pressure suction, so that the dirt can be separated from the object. The surface of the cleaned object will not cause physical damage. This method is used to clean vegetables, the technology is not yet fully mature, due to the effect of ultrasound, whether it will have an adverse effect on vegetable tissues remains to be further studied. There are many types of washing machines, which are related to the variety of vegetables and the different characteristics of the materials, as well as the batches of vegetable processing and vegetable cleaning requirements.
  • With the rapid development of global economics, the integration of the catering industry with the international market has become a general trend. The needs of customers are becoming more and more diversified, and the catering industry has more and more obvious requirements for the processing capacity of kitchen equipment, which has also brought revolutionary advancement to the kitchen equipment, cooking machinery, and food machinery industries. It is also the improvement of the quality and processing capacity of the equipment behind the kitchen that has brought "acceleration" to the catering industry. Especially now that large hotels and fruit and vegetable processing plants have increased their investment in equipment to meet the different preferences and pursuits of consumers. Many kitchen equipment and food machinery industries have also seized this opportunity to increase technological innovation and research and development. For example, our company's variable frequency vegetable cutter provides more convenience for the hotel and catering industry, saves a lot of labor, and produces more patterns of food to attract customers. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the digital variable frequency vegetable cutter. Several advantages: 1. Easy to operate, you can cut vegetables of different specifications through the digital adjustment of the digital panel 2. The speed is fast, and the amount of vegetable cutting is several times that of ordinary vegetable cutters, which saves the current problems of expensive and difficult labor. 3. Cut vegetables evenly, beautifully, with many patterns, and meet people's requirements for high food standards, and so on.
  • With the development of my country`s economy, people`s requirements for food and food are becoming higher and higher, and the technical requirements for various food machinery have also increased. Many high-quality processing machinery, such as vegetable cutters, have been bred in my country`s food machinery market. , Dicing machine, meat cutting machine, etc., represent China's advanced production and processing capabilities. In order to open the international market, it is important to product quality and brand awareness. Therefore, in order to gain a foothold in the international market, many food machinery manufacturers in my country have begun to increase product quality control, vigorously promote their brands, and lay the foundation for moving onto the international stage. In order to serve foreign companies that have moved from developed countries to domestic production, many food machinery companies have obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification and API certification, and some companies have also obtained European Community CE safety certification. EFU Machinery has also invested a lot of energy and expense in technology research and development and brand promotion. In recent years, its export volume has increased significantly, and it has been recognized by many foreign distributors, especially the high-end digital variable frequency vegetable cutting machine produced by our company. , Slicing and shredding machine, has been exported to Europe, Canada, Australia, South America and other countries and regions. Summary: If Chinese food machinery companies want to enter the international market, they must achieve transformation, build international brands, and create high-quality, reassuring brands.
  • The quality and price of the same vegetable cutter, especially the same model or the same vegetable cutter produced in one place, are different from different manufacturers, and even the prices are quite different. First of all, the quality of all parts used in the same vegetable cutting machine is different. In order to save costs, some manufacturers use shoddy parts on the machine to save costs and gain profits. such as: 1. The model and quality of stainless steel may not be visible to customers who do not understand stainless steel materials, and customers who know a little about stainless steel may be able to see at a glance, from the color, thickness of the stainless steel plate, whether there is magnetism, etc. 2. The motor is also a very heavy part. There are ordinary aluminum core motors and pure copper wire motors. 3. Machine frame material, bearing material, even power cord, etc., Second: The assembly process of the vegetable cutter is also very important. Don't feel that the quality of the accessories is the same, and the quality of the machine is the same. In fact, the assembly process of the machine is also very important. Many types of vegetable cutters are in the assembly process. They are all very strict. A little error may cause the machine to cut vegetables evenly, or the root cause of machine failures or minor faults in the future. 1. At this time, it is very important for the company to have experienced machine-making masters to reduce the failure rate of the machine. In order to save personnel costs, some companies hire employees who are unskilled or inexperienced in machines. Many small details or inconsistencies appear in the assembly process, leading to an increase in the failure rate. 2. After the machine is completed, the debugging process is also very important. Specially experienced quality inspectors are required to check the quality of the machine. After repeated tests to ensure that there is no problem at all, the machine will be packaged and shipped, so that the machine will fail in the hands of the customer The situation is greatly reduced, but many informal manufacturers, in order to save labor costs, save this link, or this link is not paid enough, it is easy to cause the machine to reach the customer, the debugging is not good, or the machine is not good The root cause of use. Therefore, it is very normal that the maximum difference between a good quality vegetable cutter and a poor quality vegetable cutter is about 500 US dollars. Please pay attention when buying the machine. Very cheap is not a good thing. Poor quality. The machine, buying it back was a waste of money and also wasted your time. Although buying a good-quality vegetable cutter was a bit more expensive at the time, it was easy to use and could be used for a long time.
  • The correct use and safe operation of the vegetable cutter itself are clearly explained in the manufacturer`s manual, and there are also precaution labels on the machine, which are generally very obvious, so why are many users hurting their hands? Well, vegetable cutters, especially small vegetable cutters, everyone feels that the machine is small and easy to operate, and they ignore the precautions, so no matter what kind of vegetable cutter, don't take it lightly. You must operate it safely according to the regulations and there will be no problems. 1. When cutting vegetables, do not put your hands into the centrifugal drum, dial or under the vertical knife after the vegetable cutter is started, and do not put your hands into the vegetable press belt. A certain safe distance away from the vegetable press belt, otherwise it is easy to be caught. Involved or stuck. 2. For long-term use, check whether the switch and power cord are damaged, damp, water, etc., to prevent electric shock caused by leakage. To ensure safety, please connect the ground wire at the grounding mark of the machine. 3. During use, if the conveyor belt and the vegetable pressing belt are found to be loose, the screws should be tightened in time, but pay attention to the degree of tightness on both sides, and do not allow the belt to run off. 4. Keep the machine clean, try to avoid contact with water, add oil to the oil filling port frequently, and pay attention to the maintenance of the machine. I hope that these basic operations can help our customers and friends to use the vegetable cutter safely, and make better use of the vegetable cutter to create more wealth.
  • Everyone should know that hand-cut vegetables and machine-cut vegetables will taste different after cooking. Friends who have been chefs know this better. Therefore, many hotels still insist on manual cutting of vegetables. Let the taste of the dishes maintain the original flavor to a greater extent. Today, I will introduce a multi-function vegetable cutter that can completely keep the vegetables as hand-cut, which solves the problem of manual vegetable cutting trouble and slowness. First of all, this multi-function vegetable cutter is divided into size and model. The cutting volume is different from the size of the machine. The range of the vegetable cutter is 100-800 kg. The size and model of the machine are not described in detail here. Today, we will mainly introduce the next vegetable cutting. The principle is that there is a vertical knife in front of the vegetable cutter, which moves up and down like a manual knife to cut vegetables, and there is a vegetable pressing device behind the vertical knife, which can fix the vegetables to be cut, just like a human hand pressing the vegetables to prevent the vegetables from moving. This completely imitates artificial cutting of vegetables, protects the freshness of the vegetable noodles and does not damage the fibrous tissue, so that the vegetables cut by the machine are like artificially cut vegetables. This vegetable cutter is best at cutting leafy vegetables: cabbage, Spinach, leeks, celery. Cut slender vegetables into sections: beans, lentils, cucumbers, soy products, sliced and shredded: dried tofu, or kelp, etc. Cutting specifications, slice thickness 1-10mm, shred 1-30mm, cut length 1mm-20cm A good helper for hotels, canteens and restaurants, this vegetable cutting machine saves time, effort and cost. It can replace 5-8 manual vegetable cutting. What are you waiting for?
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